Threatening letter aimed at Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg as Trump tries to whip up protests

A compromising letter was sent to the New York investigator overseeing a quiet money investigation involving Donald Trump on Friday, as the former president continued to mobilize allies to fight any possible policing against him.

The letter, which contained an undisclosed substance, “was quickly contained,” according to a representative for Manhattan Head prosecutor Alvin Bragg.

The representative stated that the New York Police Division unit and the city’s Branch of were “not entirely settled there was no risky substance.”

The occurrence occurs as Trump has attempted to thwart the lead prosecutor, who is widely believed to be close to pursuing a charging choice following a years-long investigation into a $130,000 payment to pornography star Blustery Daniels in the disappearing days of the 2016 mission to silence her about a rumored transaction with Trump.
Despite Trump’s denial of the illicit relationship, he caused a stir at the end of the week when he incorrectly stated that he expected to be arrested for the situation on Tuesday, which did not occur.

This week, the previous president emphasized the outrageous manner of speaking, describing the lead prosecutor as a “creature” supported by tycoon George Soros, a supporter of Popularity.
His repeated calls for fights have echoed similar calls made before the State House attack on January 6, 2021, prompting police to increase security around important areas in New York and Washington, D.C. this week. Trump’s calls for fights also come as he prepares to hold a political meeting in Waco, Texas, the location of a devastating fire that occurred while police were at a Branch Davidian compound.

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